Refund policy

1. Price

Mastershared reserves the right to determine pricing for the Service. Mastershared will make reasonable efforts to keep pricing information published on the website up to date. We encourage you to check our website periodically for current pricing information. Mastershared may change the fees for any feature of the Service, including additional fees or charges, if Mastershared gives you advance notice of changes before they apply. Mastershared, at its sole discretion, may make promotional offers with different features and different pricing to any of Mastershared’s customers. These promotional offers, unless made to you, will not apply to your offer or these Terms.

2. Authorization

You authorize Mastershared to charge all sums for the orders that you make and any level of Service you select as described in these Terms or published by Mastershared, to the payment method specified in your account. If you pay any fees with a credit card, Mastershared may seek pre-authorization of your credit card account prior to your purchase to verify that the credit card is valid and has the necessary funds or credit available to cover your purchase.

3. Subscription Service and Cancellation Policy

The Service may include automatically recurring payments for periodic charges (“Subscription Service”). If you activate a Subscription Service, you authorize Mastershared to periodically charge, on a going-forward basis and until cancellation of either the recurring payments or your account, all accrued sums on or before the payment due date for the accrued sums. The “Subscription Billing Date” is the date when you purchase your first subscription to the Service.

For information on the “Subscription Fee”, please see our Pricing area. Your account will be charged automatically on the Subscription Billing Date all applicable fees for the next subscription period. You will receive a notification email before the next re-bill. The subscription will continue unless and until you cancel your subscription or we terminate it. You must cancel your subscription before it renews in order to avoid billing of the next periodic Subscription Fee to your account. We will bill the periodic Subscription Fee to the payment method you provide to us during registration (or to a different payment method if you change your payment information). You may cancel the Subscription Service by accessing your account settings.

4. Refund Policy

Given the nature of digital items, subscription to our plans are for fixed terms, and the associated fees payable are non-refundable. Therefore, if user cancels the subscription and claims a refund, we can take it into consideration and refund the current monthly payment if there are major problems in the service provided. You may cancel the service at any time, but a refund will only be issued if cancellation is requested until the end of your current paid month. Refunds will be done within the next 7 days of the service cancellation.

5. Trial Promotions

Your Mastershared membership may start with a trial period. The trial period of your membership lasts for 3 days or as specified during the registration process. Your trial period will begin when you click on the submit button during the registration process. Simply cancel anytime during your trial period and you will not be charged. To cancel, click on "Cancel Membership" of the homepage and follow the simple cancellation instructions or just sent us an email. If you do not cancel the service before your trial period expires, your membership will automatically continue at the monthly subscription rate.

6. Delinquent Accounts

Mastershared may suspend or terminate access to the Service for any account for which any amount is due but unpaid. In addition to the amount due for the Service, a delinquent account will be charged with fees or charges that are incidental to any chargeback or collection of any the unpaid amount, including collection fees.